1990 String ‘A’ Beads European Tour Diary

The Band

Phil Morris, Paul James Berry, Darren Horner, Andy Porter

The Crew

Sid, Om, Grape, Dave, Nellie & The Stones
Day 1

Overnight ferry from Dover to Ostend. Plenty of wine women and quite a bit of song, then a lovely drive to Mainz. Arrive 09:00am frozen solid.

Day 2

Mainz Festival. Meet German tour rep Danny ‘The Spliff’ Rae. Do brilliant show and pass out in Hotel bar.

Day 3

Off to Wuppertal, Sid off to hospital with blood poisoning. Contracted on the first day out. Amazing gig, you should have seen the lights. The stones find night club with free Tequila bar, and Andy on the floor.

Day 4

Schoppingen in a blizzard. The gigs a school but the crowd are hot and the package we have delivered is even hotter.

Day 5

Day off – invited to WDR rock night in Dusseldorf by the Mission. They have to leave early to catch their ferry so they leave the Rose their dressing room and all their rider. Backstage is brought to a stand still, hooligans sporting Leeds scarfs interrupt German television recording of the show, and the Mish receive a bill for £2,500 for damage caused.

Day 6

Holland Leeuwarden festival. All substances have to be disposed of before border. The Rose fly in and out again.

Day 7

Ubach Palanburg. Back in Germany Rose perform an amazing show. The entourage go to eat at 3:00am, completely comatosed by 4:00am they set off for Berlin.

Day 8

Berlin, absolutely knackered. We receive package from gorgeous Berlin well wisher. Feeling fine again we do the show and get showed the town.

Day 9

Day off – Hamburg. The Stones have a knack of finding the right club with the right amount of Tequila.

Day 10

Hamburg. The turnout is low (150) but the Rose do the business, and the merch stand is buzzing.

Day 11

Bestwig. The Rose tour bus gives up the ghost and is swapped for two executive type cars. Bestwig is a mountain and it’s -10°C. The gigs packed and the weary travelers are warmed by the sight of a snowman all the way from England, and the fact that after the show the bar gives away Tequila to anybody sporting a Rose pass. The Stones pass out.

Day 12

Ibbenburen. The Rose turn out the balloons the crowd are amazed and so are the band.

Day 13

Oberhausen. It’s a circus. The PA is set up in the wrong tent, but by this time nobody cares. More good will packages turn up & we love everybody.

Day 14

Day off – Bielefield. Tequila and a swimming pool. The Stones are in heaven and everybody else is down the local disco.

Day 15

Bielefield. More balloons more mayhem and Richard head, plus no hub caps on the cars.

Day 16

Dortmund. More balloons, beer, and packages than ever before. Tonight the band are Gods, and after the third encore they run out of songs. Record company rep enjoys himself so much me promises us loads of money and promptly passes out.

Day 17

Down to Innsbruck, snow and more snow. Van wipes out a Toyota Celica and gig turns out to be an anarchist squat with no heating (-15c), and one power socket. Pull the gig off to the hotel and into the restaurant. 34 Kir Royals later we meet some krampers which is just too difficult to explain unless your Austrian.

Day 18

Goodnight Vienna. Brilliant show, get to the last song of the set and then the Nazi’s start. Security does a runner, band and crew left to defend the stage against the ensuing riot. Band + Crew 23 Nazis 0. Quote of the week:
Vienna Nazi: “Where is the almighty Englishman now?”
The Stones: “Right in your face with a size 10 Doc Marten!”

Day 19

Day off. Travel to Zurich, visit the park and become happy happy people.

Day 20

Biel, Switzerland. Definitely hailed as the best gig of the tour, lots of snow and happy people. The Swiss certainly know how to rock out.

Day 21

Day off – Travel upto Munchen in a blizzard, can’t even stop for food as the breaks on the van don’t work in the adverse conditions. The Stones are now suffering from van fever.

Day 22

Munchen – The stage is 2″ high but the snow is good and the free after show Tequilla from the bar makes up for the stage dimensions.

Day 23

Lindau. The Stones wake up to find 25 bottles of spirits have appeared in their room, all in varying degrees of emptiness. Set off for gig in a force 10 blizzard, get there to find most of the audience couldn’t. Ended up playing in front of 100 frozen Bavarains.

Day 24

Augsberg. Leaving hotel at Lindau which happens to be on a hill the van with its summer tyres leaves the road and takes a small detour through an orchard. The Rose record the gig on video and the Tequila flows at the hotel.

Day 25

Karlsruhe. Can’t get served in any of the bars, can’t get in the nightclub, PA at the club has only 3 speakers but a package turns up that makes it seem all worth while.

Day 26

Schorndorf. Crew remembers the theme for Grandstand, the German promoters supply us with 10 bottles of Champagne to mark the success of the tour, and we all get totally wrecked.

Day 27

Frankfurt Zillo festival. Lots of get well packages, everything going well until the PA breaks down half way through the set. Manage to get it fixed and carry on regardless.

Day 28

Paris, France. Supposed to pick up the tour van but it’s not ready. Swap the cars for a crappy German mini bus with a number plate WIMP. Crew reach the gig 1/2 an hour before doors, and the band turn up and walk straight on stage. But still another excellent show, to round off an excellent tour.

Day 29

Party, Party all the way home apart from UK customs where they hold us up for an hour or tw

Facts About the tour

Total Attendance: 6,434 plus 356 Guests

Miles covered: 5,487
Vehicles wrecked: 4
Estimated Bottles of Tequila consumed: 64
Estimated Bottles of Champagne consumed: 85
Estimated Bottles of beer consumed: 1,600
Most used tour sayings:
“How’s that for naughty”
“No knickers onnnnnnn”
“They like it up ‘em”