A Peace Inside EP

Following the end of the European Tour to promote debut album “Never Another Sunset”, Shultz and McKay left the band citing burn out. Having built their uniqueness off the back of their complex and dual layered guitar attack, this development could have been a fatal blow to the band.

However it seems that band recognized they are become too self obsessed with the last album and had moved away from the original intention and sprit of the band. Paul mentioned that when they wrote their first batch of songs as kids they wanted to take over the world with 3 chord songs. With the departure of Glenn, Morris and Berry saw the opportunity to try and recapture that early energy and simplicity in the song writing, so elected not to replace Glenn.

The band toured¬†extensively¬†towards the end of 1989 with McKay’s replacement on bass, Darren Horner. The one and only recorded release from this line up was the “A Peace Inside EP” released on 12″ and 3″ CD on the 23rd October 1989. A limited edition version was also issued containing a press kit.

I suspect some, if not all, of the songs had been written while Shultz and McKay were in the band, but immediately upon listening the sound was a marked departure from the doom laden production of “Sunset”. An external producer, Ian Nelson, was brought in to co-produce the record with the band so credit the boys for recognizing the need for change.

The title track “A Peace Inside” sounds fresh and catchy, with a much more musical bass line supplementing the single guitar. “Eden Skies” continues where “Peace” leaves off, and again is simple and catchy with an up tempo chorus.

On the B side we find the hypnotic long burner “Can You See This Life” which first appeared in the live set during the “Groove Collision” tour in early 1989. The hook line grabs you and keeps you locked in for 6 minutes.

Closing out is “In At The Deep End”, which to be honest I have only listened to a few times over the years. For some reason the track never really worked for me, with Phil’s vocal sounding awkward over the top of a reasonable accompanying track.

A Peace Inside EP

A Side
A Peace Inside (The Rose of Avalanche) (3:56)
The Eden Skies (The Rose of Avalanche) (3:44)

B Side
Can You See This Life (The Rose of Avalanche) (6:51)
In At The Deep End (The Rose of Avalanche) (3:38)

Catalogue Number: AVE4T / AVE CD4

A Peace Inside EP with press