Welcome to the only dedicated resource for The Rose of Avalanche.

So how did this all start?

The Rose where one of the many bands that my mates and I used to go and see virtually every night of the week between the mid 80s to the early 90s. A lot of what we thought was interesting back then originated from the Leeds music scene, so we were following bands like The Mission, The Rose, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Salvation, Ghostdance, etc

Times and tastes move on and the “Leeds scene” began to fall apart in the early 90′s. I then picked up the American grunge invasion going to see bands like Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins and Alice In Chains. However the flame for my first love never died!

I got a PC, the internet started to catch on, so I thought I should throw together a web site and fulfil my suppressed journalistic ambitions! At the time there were loads of sites around covering the “bigger” bands of the Leeds scene like the Sisters and the Mish so I thought why not focus on the Rose boys, always totally under rated and largely ignored by the UK music press.

Initially the site was little more than a personal indulgence so I expected zero interest. The site began life on the much missed Geocities, and even won their featured site of the week. Yay!

I was amazed when emails and guest book messages started arriving from literally all over the world. For a while I even had a guy running a Korean mirror of the site fully translated into Korean (Hi Jiwook if you are still around). It was nice to know that other people remembered the band, and also people actually liked what I was producing. Highlights included helping Record Collector Magazine connect with Glenn in 2007 for their “Goth Collectables” article, and hooking up Danish band “The Loveless” with Paul to cover “Always There” on their “Star Rover” album in 2002.

I’ve tried to keep up with the changes in web trends over the near two decades the site has been around. The Rose MySpace site went live in 2007, and the Rose Facebook page has gained over 600 followers at the time of writing. There was the infamous porn site stealing the domain name for a couple of years (a few tools still blacklist the site to this day!) After numerous re-designs, the latest major change for the site was moving it to WordPress in May 2012.

The site design from 1999. Come on, it was a long time ago!

The Facebook page is the best place to chat with other fans. The original forum on roseofavalanche.com never really took off. Roseofavalanche.com will remain the place to come and read up on all the original material I have written about the band over the years, like the epic 4,000 word biography, ex member interviews, discography and comprehensive gigography.

Of course none of this would have grown from the handful of amateur scans I threw together 17 years ago without the contributions from fellow Rose fans, enhancing the sites status as the one and only source of Rose info on the web. Thanks for support and material to (in no particular order): Paul James Berry, Glenn Shultz, Andy Porter, Steve Myers, Treena Waller, Richard Head, Matthew Rees, Heinrich Moritz, Jonathan Pullen, Lisa Gannon, Jiwook, Lyall I Anderson, Joern Kolbe, and everyone else that has been in touch over the years.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the site, and please get in touch with me here.

Oh, and play the Rose on 11.

James Parton, updated May 2012.