Full show recording of the ROA’s last ever gig!

A lovely fellow called Derek Edward Price has uploaded the full video recording of the last ever Rose gig from the Dutchess of York on 29th May 1993. You will see from the set list that there are a number of new tracks in the set (titles unknown) giving us a tantalising glimpse into what the 4th official studio album may have sounded like.

I have to say the new songs sounded pretty promising, but sadly it was never to be.


01 Intro
02 Something More Than Sex (?)
03 All Is Liberty (?)
04 I Don’t Wanna Sing This Song Again
05 I’m In Heaven
06 String A’ Beads
07 Lights On
08 If You Only Knew
09 Follow Me (?)
10 Why?
11 I Just Don’t Mind
12 Love Keeps Me Hanging On
13 Rules (?)
14 Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane cover)
15 Ride The Storm
16 Always There
17 Too Many Castles In The Sky
18 Step It Up (Stereo MC’s cover)

1986 Press Kit Bio

This is the bands official press bio from early 1986, just before the Velveteen single release.

Useful as it finally helped date the original formation of the band. Below are the scans and transcript.

“Rock and roll is in me – thats for sure…”

THE ROSE OF AVALANCHE – Born in Leeds. Spiritually bathed in the dirt of Detroit. Raised in Defiance.

FIRST WHISPERS…THE ROSE OF AVALANCHE were spat forth from a dingy Leeds bar in October 1983 by Philip, Paul and Alan; discovering a mutual love of the Stooges, ‘Their Satanic Majesties’, The Velvet Underground, a well worn video of ‘Performance’ and the occasional Jack Daniels, they immediately formed a lasting bond. The band was christened in April 1984 and soon recorded two scintillating tracks for the Leeds compilation LP ‘Parkside Shivers’ In the studio the trio met Glenn and were taken by his long hair and speedy licks “We frequently jammed all night and things really seemed to happen…”

CLASSIC SCENES…The past is gone, like the scenery for a roller coster ride up out of hell. : turns of events since that fateful meeting have disappeared in a misty haze from which three timelines slabs of cold hearted fire were captured as singles <’LA Rain’, ‘Goddess’, and ‘Too Many Castles’> along with John Peel and Janice Long sessions that bruised and amused with brooding menace…. and the word soon spread like a forest blaze.

AND NOW… With new faces on bass and drums and new blood coursing through the beast, THE ROSE OF AVALANCHE can summon up the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll — the pulsating, twilight world of teardrops, mist, and mystery, bad company, illicit thrills, good loving gone bad, and guitars turned up full blast — or transport you to the farthest edges of the physchedelic firmament in songs that’ll take you to heaven and back, with that special person beside you.

Philip Morris: Vocals / shades. Good looks and bad attitude. Mean, moody and magnificent.

Paul James Berry: Guitar / cigarettes. Dynamic and assertive. Plays rhythm as though his life depends on it.

Glenn Schultz: Guitar / long hair. Classically trained rock rebel. Todd Rundgren look-alike with the same visionary air.

Mark Thompson: Drums. Flesh and blood replacement for metal box. Man of mystery with large biceps.

Nicole Beresford: Bass/ fresh face. Dark rhythms and clenched teeth.

THE FINAL WORDS….The Rose Knows.

Underground Fanzine Interview – April 1987

UndergroundInterview reproduced from issue number 1 of Underground Fanzine, April 1987

The Rose of Avalanche say “When we do cover versions theres a lot more energy behind them. It may not look like it on stage but its there in our souls and in our hearts”

Alex Kadis takes their blood pressure.

The Rose of Avalanche have suffered a series of indignities where press representation has been concerned. Charged with harking back to to an age where “hippy” wasn’t a dirty word there have been pointed allegations of plagiarism. Nevertheless they have soldiered on disregarding the relentless onslaught of those who like to categorise.

They’ve notched up three covers to date, the latest of which being The Doors “Waiting For The Sun”. Deciding in was time to sort out the Roses from The Doors I met vocalist Phil and guitarist Glenn and endeavoured to reveal the true identify of The Rose of Avalanche.

The band are steeped in musical history. Phil a dead cert for John Lennon, explains “I don’t mind that people say that I look like John Lennon ’cause he’s OK. The Beatles were the reason I wanted to be in a band. They touched me somehow. I always felt that I was different to other kids. I know why now – it was because I was shy. The Beatles tied in with that. I wanted to get famous and rich and over come that feeling”

Glenn further clarifies where their hearts lie: “We do go on about ’60s music a lot because we all happen to think that even the pop songs in those days were good songs. They were arranged and presented in a way that made them accessible to a lot of people but they were good. Whereas now days the top ten singles are just naff songs with great production. Its production and videos is important and last on the list is music.”

Not a visual band, their interest lies within the music although they aren’t totally opposed to making videos as long as it remains “a bit of a giggle”. Phil doesn’t mind that journalists have picked up on the bands influences. What he does objet to is the fact that they have failed to recognise how those influences are working for the band.

“Of course we have influences, The Doors, The Stones, Jimi Hendrix – he’s a good guitar ‘ero. But they influence nearly every rock ‘n’ roll band. You know, these bands that say they are totally original are talking rubbish. You can’t listen to them ’cause they’re so bad. And they’re liars if they say they don’t have influences.”

Glenn agrees, adding “Its not that they’re bad, its that it isn’t music anymore”

ROA are genuinely shocked when I suggested that their own music is so much better than the songs they cover. Still these covers haven’t worked to the detriment of the band and neither have their influences. The Rose of Avalanche have proved their versatility. They range from the deep melody of LA Rain, with its lilting sadness and its portrayal of a futile existence to the powerful rockiness of Too Many Castles In The Sky.

They have finally surpassed their even their own talent with the latest single, Always There. Originally to have been the B side of Velveteen, the brains at Fire Records felt that the song was good enough to claim its status as a future single. Always There is a realisation of the talents of The Rose of Avalanche, pulling their collective soul out of its latent form to manifest a fine masterpiece… and possibly a future classic.




Just a little post to bring to you an awesome alternative music festival happening in the UK in 2014. This one is a ground breaker, being initially funded with a Kickstarter campaign, it really can claim to be for the fans, by the fans.

There is a Goth stage at the festival and I suspect many fans of the Rose will also like many of the bands already confirmed: Fields of The Nephilim, Eden House, Skeletal Family, March Violets and many more.

Click here for more info and tickets.

Paul James Berry German Live Dates

Rose fans, make sure you get along to see PJB playing in Germany during April 2013.