Peel Session – 12/06/85

Here is the complete ROA Peel Session recorded 28/05/85 and broadcast on 12/06/85. Uploaded after a request on the ROA Facebook page. The quality is not great, but its the only recording I have come across so far.

1. Goddess
2. A Thousand Landscapes
3. Gimme Some Lovin
4. Rise To The Groove

[VIDEO] Bern, Switzerland, 26/05/89 – Full Gig

Here is an old ROA treasure that I have been sitting on for nearly 20 years. I think its time everyone gets a chance to enjoy it!

The gig has a set list typical of The Groove Collision period:

  1. Too Many Castles In The Sky
  2. The World Is Ours
  3. What’s Going Down?
  4. Nowhere To Run
  5. Dreamland
  6. Never Another Sunset
  7. You Don’t Belong
  8. Always There
  9. King of Fools
  10. Don’t Fly Too High
  11. Can You See This Life
  12. Gimme Danger
  13. LA Rain




Great news Rose fans.

Founder ROA member Paul James Berry is back with a new album, and it’s released on the 4th November, 2016.

To mark the launch of the new album, PJB and I caught up over email recently.

JP: Can you say something about the famous UFO-Studios in Berlin and the recording process for your new album?

PJB: Well, I came across the studio a few years back while on tour and truthfully fell in love with the place, especially with the hall. I guess I’m quite sensitive to the vibes from certain buildings. For example, this place was an ancient brewery and the cellars doubled-up as a bunker in WW2, reputedly Gobbles and his family used it. The engineer took me round the place with a torch, it was really creepy and fascinating at the same time…… So earlier this year I booked a session, squatted in the middle of their great hall surrounded by microphones and recorded my songs. Just me singing and playing guitar, piano even a couple of songs on ukulele. All live no overdubs, except a guy that plays a phenomenal cello on a song and my dog that on backing vocals…..


JP: Now that the album is recorded what are your plans?

PJB: Sell the fucking thing and move on. Although I’ve recorded albums before this is really the first time that I’ve been 100% in control. Not just the songs & performance, butalso the mixing, artwork, promotion and the release. Everything! Of course this gives financial limitations to my ambitions, but it’s rewarding at the same time, a real learning curve. So I would like to find some cool partners across the world that share my vision and push it to the next level….

The next level is ‘Spitfire Jukebox 2’ which I want to be a bigger scenario, in colour – ha ha!! I’d like to work with more musicians, which I think would really push some song ideas I have to a completely different depth.

So there you go people, get online, buy the album and support the wonderful PJB. You can find more info on PJB’s various sites: