Full show recording of the ROA’s last ever gig!

A lovely fellow called Derek Edward Price has uploaded the full video recording of the last ever Rose gig from the Dutchess of York on 29th May 1993. You will see from the set list that there are a number of new tracks in the set (titles unknown) giving us a tantalising glimpse into what the 4th official studio album may have sounded like.

I have to say the new songs sounded pretty promising, but sadly it was never to be.


01 Intro
02 Something More Than Sex (?)
03 All Is Liberty (?)
04 I Don’t Wanna Sing This Song Again
05 I’m In Heaven
06 String A’ Beads
07 Lights On
08 If You Only Knew
09 Follow Me (?)
10 Why?
11 I Just Don’t Mind
12 Love Keeps Me Hanging On
13 Rules (?)
14 Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane cover)
15 Ride The Storm
16 Always There
17 Too Many Castles In The Sky
18 Step It Up (Stereo MC’s cover)


Just a little post to bring to you an awesome alternative music festival happening in the UK in 2014. This one is a ground breaker, being initially funded with a Kickstarter campaign, it really can claim to be for the fans, by the fans.

There is a Goth stage at the festival and I suspect many fans of the Rose will also like many of the bands already confirmed: Fields of The Nephilim, Eden House, Skeletal Family, March Violets and many more.

Click here for more info and tickets.

Paul James Berry German Live Dates

Rose fans, make sure you get along to see PJB playing in Germany during April 2013.



ROA Content from The Story Of The Alternative 80′s

Last year Future published “The Cure and the story of the alternative 80′s” magazine which you can still pick up from here.

Here is the Rose of Avalanche content from the magazine.

PJB On Rome Piper Gig & 1989 “Bad Attitudes” European Tour

Following last weeks post of the “What’s Going Down” video from the Rome Piper gig on 22nd May 1989, Paul James Berry has been in touch with a little more info:

Rome I remember it very well.  Bloody Romans robbed our tour bus!  Luckily all the gear was in the venue and we only lost a chess set and a few coats……  It was a badly planed out tour with very very long drives. We drove to Rome from Alicante in Spain (about 1,500 km’s) and when we finally got there the venue was double booked with some American band. Anyway, we sorted it out and shared the bill and it turned out to be a very good night………

PJB has also helped fill in a huge hole in 1989 Gigography by providing details of the “Bad Attitude” Tour. I’ve added all 20 missing dates in there now, so thanks to Paul!

“Bad Attitudes” 1989 European Tour

12th lyon – le truck,
13th paris – rex club,
15th torino – studio,
16th venice – shindy,
18th valencia – the garage,
20th alicante mana-mana,
22nd rome – uonna,
23rd pisa – 20+1 club,
24th lausanne – dolce vita,
25th geneva new morning,
26th berne – ISC,
27th munich – manage,
28th stuttgart – longhorn,
29th mannheim – alte haupfeurwache,
30th frankfurt – batschkapp,
31st bochum -zeche,

1st koln – wartesaal,
2nd bielfeld – pc69,
3rd hamburg – docks,
4th bremen – schlachthof,
6th hannover musikzirkus,
7th berlin – quarter latin

Stay tuned for further clips from the Rome show…