First Avalanche

This album was the first example of something that would dog and antagonize the band throughout their career – it was an unapproved compilation album issued by Leeds Independent Label (LiL) in 1986 to presumably try to cash in on The Rose’s growing indie status at the time of them signing to Fire Records.

Mostly made up of the tracks from the bands first two singles, “LA Rain” and “Goddess”, plus “American Girls” which featured on a the LiL showcase album “Parkside Shivers”. The album is only notable for the first recorded appearance of the great “Stick In The Works”, which although was clearly recorded at the same time as the first singles, did not make it on to any of those releases.

“Stick” is another song in the Amrican rock style, driven by a catchy hook and featuring in the Rose live set from day 1.

As all the other tracks had been previously released you can read the reviews of them on the appropriate links above.

First Avalanche

Stick In The Works (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:20)
Rise To The Groove (The Rose of Avalanche) (3:20)
A Thousand Landscapes (The Rose of Avalanche) (5:49)
Conceal Me (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:32)
Goddess (The Rose of Avalanche) (5:05)
American Girls (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:08)
Gimme Some Lovin’ (Winwood / Davis / Winwood) (4:24)
LA Rain (The Rose of Avalanche) (7:39)

Catalogue Number: LiLLP3
Notes: This album also reissued by Fire: REFIRE4