The Rose’s second single release, coming out in mid 1985. “Goddess” followed up on the success of the bands début release “LA Rain” by reaching No1 in the UK indie charts again.

The title track is very much reflective of the early recording sessions of the band, being very American influenced with a good sleazy overlay. The lyrical content of “Goddess” is essentially Phil bragging about his first love and about how much action he gets.
But the song doesn’t ever threaten to degenerate to the lowest common denominator, and again showing lyrical maturity beyond their actual years, the middle section produces some reflective and defensive imagery, and perhaps with a second meaning, attacking the small town mentality of some, which Phil hinted at in interviews:

“I can see them laughing, I can hear them talking about you / About the life you live / And the crimes and the passion you get from all around this world / And they hate you for that, say your a tramp, a dirty no good little whore / But you’re not, you’re my friend, no-o baby you’re my first love”

On the B Side “A Thousand Landscapes” is a slow paced long burner which was a fixture in the live set for three years. Another good example of the dual guitar interplay between Berry and Shultz with some keyboard overdubs.

“Gimme Some Lovin’” tips the cap to one of the bands influences, The Spencer Davis Group, and was used repeatedly to close out the bands live set prior to the encore.


A Side
Goddess (The Rose of Avalanche) (5:05)
B Side
A Thousand Landscapes (The Rose of Avalanche) (5:49)
Gimme Some Lovin’ (Winwood / Davis / Winwood) (4:24)
Catalogue Number: 12 LIL2