In Rock

This album was without doubt the most controversial of the Rose’s career, and began a bitter court action between the band and Fire Records.

The band had been demoing new material at the recording studio and wanted to release another single to follow up Always There. The band wanted to maintain their very high standard of recorded output, and therefore felt another single release would maintain that quality, however Fire were demanding an album.

As described by Paul in his interview with me, Fire took matters into their own hands and seized the master tapes from the demo sessions. Fire then released the “In Rock” album, charging full price for a record which contained only 7 tracks, four of which were alternate takes of two songs (“Height of The Clouds” and “Darkorjan”) and one reworking of the previously released “Just Like Yesterday”.

The band were furious and pursued a court route to free themselves from their Fire contract. Due to this prolonged dispute the band would disappear off the map for nearly a year, unable to release records and with no product to promote by touring.

Despite the unauthorized nature of this album it does contained some all time classic Rose songs, and had it been released as a 4 track 12″ would have been a monumental record.
The album opens with “Dreamland” cited by Glenn as the bands most complete song. The song was actually debuted at the live recording of the Rose gig at London’s Town and Country Club in July 1987. The quality hits you instantly. Next up is “Not Another Day” – another fantastic tune, and another of my personal favorites.

Two versions of a track called “Height of The Clouds” Part 1 (instrumental) and Part 2 follows, and these stand out for the remarkable guitar work of Glenn, possibly his finest solo captured on record.

The reworking of “Just Like Yesterday”, called “Yesterday Once More” follows, which is instrumental, and “In Rock” closes out with yet another couple of instrumental versions of the same track “Darkorjan”. The fact that only three out of seven songs have lyrics just show how incomplete the tracks were at the time of release.

In Rock
Dreamland (The Rose of Avalanche) (3:57)
Not Another Day (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:59)
Height Of The Clouds – Part 1 (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:27)
Height Of The Clouds – Part 2 (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:29)
Darkorjan (The Rose of Avalanche) (5:40)
Yesterday Once More (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:55)
Darkorjan – Og (The Rose of Avalanche) (5:23)
Catalogue Number: FIRELP12
Notes: This album also reissued by Restless records, backed with the Always There re-issue on one CD, Cat No: 7 72285-2