La Cave, Verviers, Belgium – 27.09.1986

Download the entire gig from the awesome Dark Circle Room and Roverinexile.

From Dark Circle…

Quite a long intro, including Majesty playing over the PA.  Velveteen had only just been released.  Always There is introduced as a “brand spanking new song”. After Gimme Some Loving’, the band (mostly Glenn?) go into a bit of a jam, ending up playing Wild Thing.  This, combined with the Doors cover, really demonstrates their influences, despite the goth tag they ended up with.  Phill still sounds young, but is beginning to pick up some of his more confrontational attitude with audiences, which was missing in earlier gigs


01 Intro 3:13
02 Conceal Me 7:10
03 Goddess 11:49
04 Velveteen 17:23
05 Just Like Yesterday 22:14
06 A Stick In The Works 26:30
07 Waiting For The Sun 29:55
08 Too Many Castles In The Sky 34:11
09 Always There 37:33
10 Rise To The Groove 41:22
Encore break
11 Gimme Some Lovin’ 45:29
12 Jam > Wild Thing 48:53
13 LA Rain

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