LA Rain

The Rose’s first single release, coming out in early 1985, and immediately being picked up by John Peel and championed via his radio play the Rose’s début reached No1 in the UK indie charts.

What was even more remarkable about this instant success was at this stage The Rose of Avalanche were not an established live act with a following, so found themselves in the pretty unique position of being top of the charts but with no gigging experience.

“LA Rain” was written by the original Rose lineup of Morris / Berry / Davis and recorded at Parkside Studios in Leeds. The track was originally produced & mixed by Lawrence, the bass player from the March Violets (influential Leeds scene band). However the Rose weren’t happy with the results and promptly re-mixed it when he left!.

As part of this remix the boys felt the track needed a little something extra and persuaded one Glenn Shultz who was working at the studio to put some 12 string over the track. By the bands own admission Glenn was technically far superior to any of them, having been classically trained. At that point Glenn was invited to join the band on a permanent basis.
The title track is a brooding, sleazy opus, clocking in at over seven minutes. The style and swagger of the song masks the youth and inexperience of the band. Phil almost raps the lyrics in his mock American drawl which was to become a trade mark of the band.

The support from Peel continued throughout 1985 with the band recording a Peel Session on 28th May 1985, and “LA Rain” being named in John Peel’s “Festive 50″ (number 26 in fact) in December 1985.

The Rose choose “Rise To The Groove” and “Conceal Me” to back the single, with other songs from the same session carried over to the “Goddess” single. Both establish the Rose’s rock ‘n’ roll influences, learning towards an American influence. This was unlike many of their contemporaries in the Goth scene who could trace their roots back to British Punk and New Wave.

LA Rain

A Side
LA Rain (The Rose of Avalanche) (7:39)
B Side
Rise To The Groove (The Rose of Avalanche) (3:20)
Conceal Me (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:32)
Catalogue Number: 12 LIL1