Never Another Sunset (Album)

After some 5 years together the Rose finally released their first authorized studio album of original recordings. “Never Another Sunset” was released on 13th March 1989 on LP / MC / CD.

Up until this point the Rose had followed a similar recording strategy to The Sisters Of Mercy, preferring to release very strong 7″/ 12″ singles rather than forcing out an album with sub standard tracks padding out the playing time. The Sisters formed in 1981 and their first studio album, “First and Last and Always”, was not released until 1985.

Therefore there was a degree of pressure on the band. All the excuses of lack of control had gone and it was time to put their money where their collective mouths were. Did they pull it off? Somewhat. There are some undoubtedly great songs on the album, but I think the overall impact is effected by the production on the record (it was self produced by the band). The overall feel of the album is heavy and self mesmerized, with all the songs recorded at a much slower tempo compared to the live shows.

However, this aside, the music does break through the gloom in patches…
The album opens with arguably the two strongest tracks. “What’s Going Down?” is instantly catchy with a powerful driving guitar riff and catchy chorus. This track opened the set during the “Groove Collision” tour in 1989. “Nowhere To Run” follows and is a slow paced ballad balancing out the title track on the B side.

“You Don’t Belong” is noteworthy for the white hot guitar build coming out of the instrumental break at 2:22 “The Devil’s Embrace” is another slow paced ballad, and is probably the most guilty of bringing down the whole mood of the A side, suffering from the wallowing production.

The title track is up next, see previous comments. The album then attempts to lift up the tempo with “Delusions” which is a solid track, comparable in quality to earlier B sides like “Who Cares”. “Her Fatal Charm” is accented by McKay’s slide bass, and quirky guitar line. A simple, straight ahead riff driven track, surprisingly not showcased live.

The album closes with two tracks that lose their energy somewhat in the recording. “Don’t Fly Too High”, and “A Romantic Vision” where both dance floor fillers in the live show, but on the album suffer from that lack of spontaneous live energy, “Vision” in particular is pretty hard going for the opening 2 minutes.

Never Another Sunset Album

What’s Going Down? (The Rose of Avalanche) (5:45)
Nowhere To Run (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:35)
You Don’t Belong (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:16)
The Devil’s Embrace (The Rose of Avalanche) (5:25)
Never Another Sunset (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:55)
Delusions (The Rose of Avalanche) (3:40)
Her Fatel Charm (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:35)
Don’t Fly Too High (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:15)
A Romantic Vision (The Rose of Avalanche) (4:30)

Catalogue Number: AVELP1 / AVECD1
Notes: The CD verison contains bonus tracks The World Is Ours and Mistakes

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