The Rose in a Belgique Adventure


The Lads set off from Leeds tightly packed in their VW multi-purpose vehicle this being part of a cost cutting exercise. 7 ½ hours later the sweating mob reach Dover 2 hours late for their ferry.


1 O’clock Rose board the next ferry yo ho ho and a couple bottles of wine, a crate of Stella and a bottle of J.D. Later the Rose hit Belgium in an oblivious stupor. A little 2 hour drive and we arrive at our hotel for a kip.

The Rock Side Festival – Nerroetern

A lovely football type open air venue with gigantic stage PA and lights. Much liging in the hospitality room being extremely hospitable to every man, woman ,child and dog. After many Dutch, Belgium and other types of bands had been on the Rose took to the stage in a haze of glory and played such a brilliant show the Seers had a bit of a hard time headlining. After the show the Rose demolish their rider, the Seers ride and the Red Cross’s rider as well. The band split – half go back to the hotel; to thrash the Seers at pool, and general drinking, and half go off looking for the nearest nightclub, where Darren and freshed faced Andy could be seen strutting their funky stuff until well into the large hours of the next day.


The guys head home with a little stop in Antwerp to admire the scenery and find a bit more expense when someone who will remain anonymous looses the return ferry tickets. Oh well back to Stringa…..