The Rose Knows

Transcript of an unidentified press interview, from the The Mission World Crusade Tour.

The Rose of Avalanche are currently attracting a lot of attention, and making considerable progress in the indie charts into the bargain. Ripple had a few words with them before they played support to The Mission at the Poly.

The music press have ben quick to attach a “new Sisters of Mercy” tag to the band. When I put this to them they dismissed it as “crap” – someone saw our name and linked it with the Sisters drum box (Doktor Avalanche). Again playing support to The Mission can’t of helped… Drummer Mark Thompson comments that they see “the Gothic movement” as another wave like Mod and Punk – preferring to regard themselves as a straightforward rock band.

Q: What is it like playing support to another band?
Glen Schultz: “It can be a bit tough at times though we feel we are here in own right. It was difficult in Nottingham, since we were playing to a “Mission fans only” night, you know, they didn’t really like us much.”

Q: How do you think your chances are coming from Leeds?
“Well the Beatles came from Liverpool. You never know, Leeds may be the next Liverpool”